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Estonian Naturalists Society 

The main purpose of the Estonian Naturalists’ Society is to integrate professional and amateur scientists, and people interested in nature, with the purpose of aiding the study of Estonian nature, furthering environmental preservation and education in Estonia, and popularising results of scientific research. The Society’s network of trustees all over Estonia allows conducting observations and the application of collected data in scientific research.

The Society’s primary work formats are organizing scientific studies, conferences, seminars and discussions, tours and nature observations, and carrying out projects for studying nature and on environmental education. The Society publishes both scientific and popular science books, as well as periodical publications, one of the purposes of which is to develop Estonian-language terminology. The European Ecological Federation enables cooperation between European ecological societies in order to promote the science of ecology in Europe. It does this through: providing a forum for effective communication throughout the community of ecological scientists in Europe on matters of common interest. Disseminating ecological knowledge through meetings, publications and other means. Acting in an advisory, consultative and representative capacity in relation to European institutions. Promoting collaborative activity on those matters where there is a pan-European context. Cooperating with other international organisations.

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About Estonian Naturalists Society 

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