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Canadian Society of Immunology is an organization that manifolds and multiples its effect through an Immunology research throughout Canada which gives a way to flourish to undergone research throughout the world. It came into force in the year 1966. It provides a platform for the congruence of people of immunological research all over Canada through spring meetings of different parts of the country. With the acquisition of membership from Canadian societies fetches the different possibilities like student, junior faculty, postdoctoral, through annual Canadian Society Immunology meetings. It honours the renewed persons of immunology who are well versed with latest advancements of immunology and made their contribution in achieving great scientific solutions. They are honoured with the different means of awardee like Cinader awardee. Their Scientific Excellence and exploration in the Immunology with intensive research are honoured with other means of awardee like poster awards and travel awards and awards relative in honouring through awareness programs. The remitters of this type of awardee are graduate students, post doc fellows, post graduate fellows, young research fellows and new investigators, This meetings paved the way to make a hit for pinpoint resolution of funding resources through eastern and western parts of Canada and terminal regions/ Border regions of Canada which casts in surpassing of information of the immunology research and its dire need of  society. It often corroborate with the renowned associations like American Immunology Associations, European Immunology Associations and also International Immunology Associations through International Congress at different parts of Canada like Toronto and Montreal in initial periods of 21st Century.

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There are societies of immunology at regional level, National level, and International level as it aces up with an inclination towards intensive immunological research in the reverend perspectives like stem cell research, oncological research, Tissue Engineering, Transplantation etc. Some of the Societies of immunology in different parts of the world are below:


American Immunology Societies: The American Immunology association which well equipped with trained professionals who dedicated for the advancement of the knowledge over immunology and its relevant areas as it look right up for its services in exchange of ideas and information among the highly reputed members of discipline of immunology . American Immunology associations conducted the Annual meetings in different parts of America like Seattle, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Honolulu, Boston, San Francisco, Baltimore, Seattle, San Diego, and Miami from 2006 to 2016.

European Immunology Societies: British Immunological Society is one of the largest and oldest which showcase a vibrant involvement. It is the largest Immunology society of all the European Countries. It has its affluence all over the world because of its members are widespread. It compose of several Communities, Staff, Groups , Several Honorary Members and it has Strategic plan which abide by several policies in rendering services.

Middle East Immunology Societies: These Societies mainly focus on the Allergy Conditions and clinical Immunology, Paediatric Allergy, Asthma, Allergology through different congress of different parts of Middle East Countries. The congress are conducted in different parts like Egypt, Iran, Israel, Kuwait, Jordanian, Lebanese etc.

Asian Immunology Associations: This is the place in which an exclusive Contribution is made in the field of Allergy, Asthma, and Clinical Immunology by Medical practitioners. It especially focussed on the possible treatment measures of diseases like allergy, asthma and Clinical Immunology, dissemination of knowledge over it through International Congress is one of the effective features.

The annual and biannual meetings by different Associations from different parts of the world resolute the solutions to counteract the dreadful diseases especially while working on transplantation.