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International Liver Transplantation Society

The International Liver Transplant Society (ILTS) is a newly formed, dynamic  growing organization which was established in 1990 in Berlin comprising about 900 international members from all over the world who belong to a multidisciplinary sector of specialists and healthcare providers, sharing  main focus of promoting the ILTS , the advancement of the science and practice of liver transplantation by sharing of clinical and educational experiences and research at an international level. The ILTS provides three main educational activities: a)Annual congress to disseminate current information in liver transplantation; b) Education for trainees and interested health care providers and scientists; c)Publication of proceedings of symposia and congresses.In addition, the ILTS co-sponsors important conferences. The ILTS strives to be the world’s supreme society on all issues related to liver transplantation.

 The ILTS was founded with a clear mission of statement emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach, and effective interaction between clinicians, scientists, researchers belonging to all disciplines including liver transplantation. Individuals, who have provided ideas, encouragement and significant assistance in the evolution and formation of the ILTS are Drs. William Merritt, Drs. Ake Grenvik and David Plevak of critical care medicine , Andre DeWolf, David Van Thiel and Michael Sorrell of hepatology and Jorge Estrin of anesthesiology, Drs. Russell Wiesner; Drs. William Wall, John Fung and Robert Gordon from surgery field. The goal is to ,motivate showcasing of basic research findings at the Annual Meeting ,to organize workshops on specific basic science topics and to create a network among the experts.In the past years of existence of this society, many advances in liver transplantation have occurred. Novel anti-viral agents have been developed along with the development of radiographic decompressive procedures for portal hypertension; efforts that define “standard minimal listing criteria” and modeling to predict the expected rate of mortality in order to achieve more rational decision regarding organ allocation; the implementation of new immunosuppressive agents and recent tolerance studies; broader application of living related to split liver transplant technology; concentrating into xenotransplantation, gene therapy and bio artifical liver technology. In addition, liver transplantation has been applied on a worldwide basis, and is currently available in more than 60 countries of all the  populated continents. Although many of the objectives that were aspired by the original founding members of the ILTS have been achieved, the current ILTS leadership and its members continues to explore new ideas and concepts. They have partnered with several organizations, including LICAGE, the European Liver Transplant Association (ELTA), the American Society of Anesthesiology and AASLD to support the objectives by co-sponsoring annual meetings and/or conducting liver transplant sessions as part of their meetings.

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About International Liver Transplantation Society

Immunology is a very wide topic and there are numerous associations focussed on particular areas of immunology present all over the world. There are a number of immunological Societies present worldwide and that may be within a particular country or be present throughout the world. However, International Liver Transplant Society (ILTS)  is one of the well known societies in the US. Transplantation is a subgroup under immunology. This is a widely researched field all throughout the world. Different organ transplantation techniques are being heavily worked upon. This is a critical area of immunology  and there are quite a few societies and associations that carry out work related to this particular area of immunology. Some of the immunological Societies in different parts of the world are as follows:

American Immunology Societies : USA is said to be the biggest home for immunological researches. There are several societies working in different fields of immunology, which may account to 46 USA immunology societies and associations at present.  These societies and association are located in Ohio, Illinois, California, Washington and Florida.

 European Immunology Societies : Histocompatibility and immunogenetics is a subtopic under immunology. Immunological societies are located located in all parts of the world. The European continent consists of nearly 32 Immunology organisations located all throughout the continent. These society and organizations contribute immensely  towards the healthcare sector of Europe. They organize various nursing related conferences , annual congress, print  journal and newsletters which are spread all over the world. Majority of these European Immunological Societies and Associations are located in the UK ,Germany,France and others are located in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal etc.

Asia-Pacific Immunology Societies :  There are nearly 35 Immunology associations and societies located in various Asia-pacific countries. These societies work in different areas of Immunology like Clinical Immunology , Inflammation and Therapies , Transplantation Immunology , Autoimmune Diseases , Pediatric Immunology and many such other regions. These associations are situated mostly in Japan, Singapore, India, New Zealand ,Australia and China. All the societies share a common purpose which is to enhance immunological research works and provide the world with better healthcare services.

Middle East Immunology Societies : In Middle East there are about 23  Immunology Associations and societies present. These societies provide excellent oppurtunities to aspiring  researchers of the field by giving them chance to meet connoisseurs of the field, by organizing annual and biannual Immunology Conferences in mostly Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Immunology Societies in Middle East involves various areas of nursing including Vaccines and Immunotherapy, Immunodeficiency, neuroimmunology etc.

Immunology Societies Conferences : These societies dedicates themselves fully in organizing different events and conferences throughout different parts of the world for the year 2016-17. These international Immunology Conferences and Immunological annual meets are organized with the desire to bring together all the updated researches, novel investigations and facts identified in a global platform.