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Croatian Crop Protection Association

The affiliation was established with the point of advancing, planning and security regular interests of its individuals. Be that as it may, it ought to be noticed that the Association is not occupied with advancing the business interests of its individuals; It is past the extent of exercises of the Association. This is the initially sorted out type of expert participation amongst household and remote makers, which is as of now in itself an awesome achievement contrasted with before years of state. It ought to be noticed that all the specialized and administrative organizations respected the foundation of the Association, which started with better correspondence and more fruitful suradnjom.U meanwhile, the collaboration with applicable national and universal establishments and affiliations. From global relationship in any case to say enrolment in the European Association of Plant Protection (ECPA), whose originators and individuals from all the biggest and most critical makers and creators of PPP. ECPA is an awesome backing and backing as far as data on the most critical patterns in development, application and PPP enactment in the European Union and past. All individuals from the National Association ECPA are obliged to comply with the set of accepted rules and administration of generation, circulation and utilization of plant security items (FAO Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides). All part organizations of our Association presented the content of the Code with a notice on obligatory consistence with the posting practically speaking all individuals Kodeksa.Pored normal managerial body (the Assembly, the Presidency, the Supervisory Board) so far have been set up and work four working gatherings inside the Association. These are: RG waste, RG for enlistment of plant assurance items, WG Public Relations and Media, RG for the sheltered utilization of pesticides .Prior building up Extremity ECO MODEL, a working gathering for waste an intensive examination of all laws and directions in the field of risky waste administration.

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