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Cyprus Crop Protection Association

Cyprus Crop Protection Association was established in the year 1979. It is a corporate member of European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) and the World Federation. The KYSYF is a member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce. The main aim of this association is to eradicate the usage of illegal pesticides. The KYSYF underpins the usage of Integrated Programs of Crop Management and also Good Agricultural Practice. have declared all EU nations as official policy in the farming feild so that  the health of the customer is guaranteed. The issue of illegal pesticides preoccupies the KYSYF and the relevant departments of the state especially in recent years. Trafficking in illegal plant protection products and illegal trade from the occupied part of our country can keep farmers atanalotes and environment into risk. These illegal products will affect the human health and nature as well. This products will toxify the plants  and also damage the market of the particular country if it is found using illegal products. The KYSYF in close collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture advise ranchers that it is to their greatest advantage and farming Cyprus by and large utilize endorsed VAT

The major targets of the Association.

The association will gather all the importers of the seeds and pesticides and make them to follow these standards. Upholding Professional individuals' interests and guaranteeing protective legislation and people in general; The improvement and development of a soul of solidarity and participation among individuals; The control of relations and collective haggling or assention or whatever other lawful method for settling disputes between members; To help individuals in fetching contact with different institutions and associations abroad for the import or export of goods and services which are related to the profession; The behavior of any act by any legislative, Municipal Community or other power or body or any organization or individual, which in light of the current situation would seem fundamental or supportive for the accomplishment of the Association's targets.

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