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Royal Bath and West of England Society

In the Autumn of the year 1777, a few refined men met at the City of Bath, and shaped a Society for the support of africulture, arts, manufactures and commerce. In the Counties of Somerset, Wilts, Gloucester, and Dorset, and in the City and County of Bristol. The meeting, at York House, was gone to by twenty-two individuals. Among them were Edmund Rack, the Society's first Secretary was William Matthews, who succeeded him and Dr. Falconer fellow of the Royal Society, and Physician to the General Hospital in Bath. None of the twenty-two had any immediate association with cultivating. In November 1777, a much bigger gathering of individuals than had amassed at York House two months prior chose the key officers of the Society, including the Earl of IL Chester as President. The establishing fathers were extremely nearby Lord IL Chester was the main noticeable province part – and this reality was underscored by the first title of the Society. It was the Bath Society and it was thirteen years before it enlarged its viewpoints and turned into the Bath and West of England Society. The first gathering was continuously supplemented and reinforced by the expansion of individuals of more prominent impact and aptitude, men like Arthur Young, Dr. Priestley, the scientist, and Thomas Curtis, the botanist. The present day Royal Bath and West of England Society has pushed ahead with the times. Having held its yearly appear in Shepton Mallet for as long as 50 years, the times of the peripatetic show are since a long time ago gone. January 2015 saw the landing of a shiny new Chief Executive, Rupert Cox, who carries with him the vitality and premonition to take the Society into the following 50 years. Upheld by a Board of eleven Trustees his vision for what's to come is energizing.

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