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Association of International Vascular Surgeons (AIVS)

The Association of International Vascular Surgeons -AIVS was built up in 1981 at Obergurgl in the Austrian Tyrol. The thought had developed the past summer in discourses at a vascular congress in Greece which included two European Educators of Vascular Surgery, Roger Greenhalgh of London and Gerhard Greenery of Innsbruck. Gerhard composed resulting winter vascular workshops in Obergurgl and Zurs. Roger saw the potential for a meeting with worldwide members and held in the real skiing focuses of Europe and North America. He effectively expected that nearby and enduring affiliations would be shaped amongst the main vascular specialists in Europe and over the world which would bring together our claim to fame. There was a separating of the courses and in 1983 at Madonna di Campiglio; Italy AIVS was introduced by Roger in relationship with National Agents. The latest transformative period of the affiliation was at Davos in 2006, when National Delegates marked an update of affiliation, conceded individuals to participation, and made tenets and bye laws which typified the estimations of the past quarter of a century and which were confirmed by individuals at an Inaugural Yearly Broad Meeting. This stage was led by Roger Baird who precisely guided the Relationship into an effective new time. He was succeeded as Seat by kindred Bristol specialist, Diminish Lamont. He chose to hand on the cudgel in 2013.

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Association of International Vascular Surgeons (AIVS) Conferences

About Association of International Vascular Surgeons (AIVS)

There are a lot of societies and associations of Vascular Surgeons worldwide but it stands out to be one of the most renowned association in world. The aim of this association is to successfully bring together leading clinicians and researchers who work towards a common goal to improve patient care.

American Vascular Surgeons Societies: USA is considered to be the hub of research. There are around 269 societies and association working on different field of Vascular Surgeons and most of them are situated in Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, California, Alabama, Indiana and Hawaii.

European Vascular Surgeons Societies: There are a number of Vascular Surgeons Societies and Associations are in Europe continent and most of the societies and associations are located in Belgium, Ireland, UK and Italy.

Asia-Pacific Vascular Surgeons Societies: It is the largest continent and best place for research. There are almost 32 Asian Vascular Surgeons Societies and the aims of these societies are to share knowledge. Most of the associations are located in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India and China. There are a lot of highly affiliated scientists are working in these societies.

Middle Vascular Surgeons Societies:  There are around 24 societies in Middle East and all of them cover the different area of Vascular Surgeons. Most of the societies are located in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Vascular Surgeons Conferences: There are about 150 Vascular Surgeons conferences used be scheduled globally by these societies every year and the aim of this  Vascular Surgeons Annual Conferences are to bring the scientist form all over the world and provide them an international platform so they can share their ideas for new innovations.