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European Society of Sports Traumatology Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy

European Society of Sports traumatology Knee Surgery and arthroscopy [ESSKA] was established with the goal to enhance patients’ quality-of-life, by raising the standard of their treatment. European Society of Sports traumatology Knee Surgery and arthroscopy brings along orthopaedic surgeons, clinicians and scientists in Europe, together with their numerous societies. European Society of Sports traumatology Knee Surgery and arthroscopy encourage the sharing of research, of practical techniques and experience. It organizes courses, conferences and fellowship programmes and publishes a prestigious monthly journal, books and a newsletter, to keep our members at the forefront of developments. The ESSKA Congress is conducted every 2 years. This is often a significant event in the pan-European calendar that brings along the leading players so that they will learn from one another the most recent techniques and research. ESSKA congresses are notable for their enthusiasm and energy. There are demonstrations of surgical techniques, scientific papers, discussions, debates, workshops and social gatherings. ESSKA fellowship programmes are a valuable tool. They choose promising surgeons - our hopes for the future - and expose them to stars of the present, and to their facilities. The range of fellowships is extensive: 13 separate programmes, with over eighty positions, starting from one week to one month, and a number of other of them are international. ESSKA publishes the research work of its members, through its monthly journal KSSTA. ESSKA conjointly with success launched the Journal of Experimental orthopaedics (JEO), a world journal that focuses on orthopaedic basic science. JEO is already indexed by the U.S.A. National Library of medicine. ESSKA additionally publishes books that are known for their academic excellence. ESSKA accredits teaching centres across Europe, and thereby ensures the best of standards. Only accredited centres are allowed to take up in ESSKA’s fellowship programmes. ESSKA works closely with affiliated societies, providing them a bigger arena than their national reach. ESSKA offers expertise and organization, and a bigger forum for their members. Its sister societies overseas are AOSSM, APKASS and SLARD.

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About European Society of Sports Traumatology Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy

There are many surgeon Societies globally, at national and international level. European Society of Sports traumatology Knee Surgery and arthroscopy deals with surgeries of knee and sports injuries.  Some of the surgeon Societies in different parts of the world is as follows:

American Surgeon societies:  There are about 200 American Surgeon Societies that deals with the public health and complications caused due to some diseases. As a result of increasing diseases, different Surgeon Societies is focusing on research work. Researchers organising different meetings in order to discuss and find the innovative ideas. Presently, American Surgeon societies helps physicians unites the physicians’ nationwide and medical students to focus on health care.

European Surgeon societies: The primary mission of the Association is to provide the state in art and science of general and sub speciality surgery. With more than, 150 European Surgeon societies, it intended to bring together all the Surgeons from all over the world to discuss openly about the latest clinical and research findings. We have different surgical societies, which covers the wide area of health care.

Asian Surgeon societies: The Associations are formed in order to focus on the personal and professional development of surgeons belongs to Asian Surgeon societies with the belief that the best way to increase Asian representation in the leadership of academic surgery. More than 10,000 Surgeons have membership in Asian Surgeon societies, who has interest in arena of academic surgery.

Middle east Surgeon Societies: Middle East countries have about 70 Surgeon associations. Middle East Countries comprises mostly located in Turkey, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Middle East Surgeon Societies focuses on educating students of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent.

Surgeon society conferences: More than 300 conferences are scheduled to take place in the years 2016 and 2017 by various societies. These international surgeon conferences which are going to be held in different countries focus on latest advancements in surgical procedures and research.