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association for nordic dialysis and transplant personnel

The explanation behind the Association for Nordic dialysis and transplant faculty was begun was that medical attendants from over the Nordic area were welcome to a class in Lund in Sweden 9 to 10 November 1972. There was the possibility of a relationship, in which all who worked with kidney infection patients could gathered, suffocated. it was sufficient, a significant number of us felt that we were a little segregated gathering, and that on the off chance that we could meet each other in any event once per year, it would appear to be both fortifying and instructive for us. This printer Nordiatrans second Mayor Valborg  Sund Fossmo in the principal issue of the affiliation's diary that was distributed in 1976. It is mainly focuses on the Increment information of consideration of patients with renal sickness; trade involvement in the field; increment participation among people working with dialysis and transplantation in the Nordic nations. On 28 April 1973, the Society was authoritatively established when the principal yearly meeting was held in Copenhagen.  Affiliation 35 commemoration was praised amid the congress in Helsinki in 2007. The event was "Nordiatrans history" distributed in a different booklet. Nordiatrans is a non-benefit affiliation. It worked a non-benefit making exercises. In our goal is clear that we should endeavors to build information about the consideration of the kidney, and attempting to show signs of improvement coordinated effort among staff working in renal drug, dialysis and/or transplantation. The affiliation is for various staff classes in Scandinavia, managing kidney sickness. Up to this point participation comprises of generally medical attendants. Yearly Meeting and first executive meeting was held in Fredrikstad, Norway, March 7, 2009 regarding Nordia Trans 37th Congress. The spring meeting was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, the harvest time meeting was held in Gothenburg, Sweden. The last executive meeting was held 10 to 11 March 2010 regarding Nordia Trans 38th Congress in Copenhagen. Amid the year there have been a ton of work to amend the rules for its work.

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